The Ray Lytle Show June 29 2016

rlshowlogoSchool closures due to state budget issues, something happening at the Capitol, Papers, the Daily Show and his own wife go after Governor Rauner, Trump wants to behead people, Ted Cruz thinks we have Muslim brotherhood congressmen, Marco Rubio finally starts acting Presidential and while Zika is in the country our Congress can’t get a bill to fight it finished

The Ray Lytle Show June 15 2016

rlshowlogoRay and Tommy discuss Alligators in Florida and whether people should be having the BAD PARENT discussion or the SUE DISNEY discussion.

The Violence in Orlando had some people a little too excited and a little too quick to turn it into a “lets scare the simple people”. Is anyone actually trying to take your guns away? If they are can you show examples? You cant? Then shut up!

The big Pumpkin colored Pumpkin in the room is Donald Trump and his comments about the President.

Last but not least… The people who want a residency requirement are just not gonna stop. Ray is convinced they will get their requirement and he is also convinced that they will eventually go after anyone grandfathered in.

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The Ray Lytle Show June 8 2016

rlshowlogoRay and Tommy discuss the latest on Donald Trump and the racist comments he made about the “Mexican” judge who he claims cannot do his job. They also play Trumps thoughts on Hillary. Speaking of Hillary Tommy is confused as to who he will vote for between these two candidates.

Local stories include the Illinois Attorney General going after Jimmy Johns bogus No compete agreements, a visitors survey about Springfield that is not the least bit surprising,the TIF money going to Horace Mann, and the ridiculousness of worrying about the speed people travel on South MacArthur.

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